Current committee membership is:

Peace and Security

Staff: David Magee
Trustees: Jenny Amery (chair), Linda Batten, Helen Carmichael
Co-opted members: Nick Ritchie, Harmonie Toros, Vron Ware

Power and Accountability

Staff: Katharine Knox
Trustees: Susan Seymour (chair), Huw Davies, Janet Slade, Nicholas Burton 
Co-opted members: Jonathan Heawood,  Alex Runswick, Penny Shepherd

Rights and Justice

Staff: Michael Pitchford
Trustees: Margaret Bryan (chair), Jenny Amery, Helen Carmichael, David Newton, Hannah Torkington
Co-opted members: Muna Abdi, Fidelis Chebe, Sarah Cutler, Sherrie Smith 

Sustainable Future

Staff: Sophie Long
Trustees: John Fitzgerald (chair), Linda Batten, Susan Seymour, Janet Slade
Co-opted members: Kamran Fazil, Lisa Vanhala

Northern Ireland

Staff: Tim Jones
Trustees: David Newton (chair), Jenny Amery, John Fitzgerald, Hannah Torkington
Co-opted members: Lisa Faulkner-Byrne, Diane Greer, Avila Kilmurray