Azeem’s experiences encompass both formal and informal work in rights and justice. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in law with management and achieved a distinction in his master’s degree in violence, terrorism and security. Throughout his career, he has gained expertise in refugee and migrant rights, human rights law, community building, EDI and anti-racism research initiatives in higher education.

Azeem began his work in representing asylum seekers in a legal capacity in and out of court. During his time in higher education, Azeem helped design EDI initiatives and conducted anti-racist research in working to bridge the attainment gap between white and ethnic minority students. His previous role as a senior advisor with Breaking Barriers included designing and facilitating programmes to assist refugees with integration into the UK, including housing and employment support. Azeem also utilises the creative process through the mediums of music, art and poetry to explore the intergenerational impact of historic and current practices on community and the body.