The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice. This support is provided, primarily, through funding applied for by applicants.

JRCT’s founder, Joseph Rowntree said you must tackle the roots of a problem to achieve any lasting benefit; if you only treat the “superficial manifestations” of social or economic problems then you will ease the symptoms for a time but make no lasting difference.

In order to engage in philanthropy which challenges the existing power imbalances in society to effect real change, JRCT does not shy away from supporting those working on unpopular or contentious issues.

We believe in creating dialogue to support change towards a better world. We recognise that change can take many years to achieve. We are willing to take the long view, and to take risks. We try to be flexible enough to respond to the changing needs and demands of our world.