David joined the Trust in 2016 and has previously worked on the Northern Ireland programme.  Before joining JRCT David worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (2013-2016), after completing his PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 2013, which explored the deconstruction of Loyalist military masculinities.    

David’s career includes over a decade working in the community and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland with young people, women’s groups, migrant workers, restorative justice groups, and in cross-community education.  He taught peacebuilding at the School of Open Learning at Queen’s University and his previous experience includes both formal and informal work with Loyalist and Republican armed groups for humanitarian and peacebuilding purposes.

David studied Theology and Psychology at the University of Southampton, and was then awarded a M.Phil from Queen’s University on Martin Luther King’s Philosophy of Nonviolence.  In addition to peace and security his interests include Northern Ireland, masculinities, nonviolence, social transformation, and peace processes.