Trust says farewell to trustees Helen Carmichael and Janet Slade

Helen Carmichael and Janet Slade will complete their service as trustees this month after spending a collective 27 years with the Trust.

Helen (pictured below left) has been a trustee with JRCT since 2003, serving on committees including Power and Accountability, Operations and Finance, Rights and Justice, Investments, and Peace and Security.

Having joined JRCT in 2016, Janet (pictured below right) has served on the Investment, Operations and Finance, Power and Accountability, and Sustainable Future committees.

Their terms of service will end on December 31.

Tributes have been paid to Helen and Janet for their contribution to the work of JRCT.

Speaking at the winter board meeting, John Fitzgerald, chair of the board, said: "Helen has given JRCT long-lasting commitment, with a dedicated, loyal service to the Trust for 20 years. We'll miss her experience, her cool head, and the care she has shown those we fund. 

"Janet brought a warmth and sense of humour to the board. She has been forthright and down to earth, bringing a much-appreciated common sense approach. She is always been very trusting of staff with whom she has worked, and has endeavoured to support them.

"We're incredibly grateful to Helen and Janet for the time they have devoted to JRCT. They have been highly valued members of the board and we thank them for everything they have contributed to the Trust."