Susana joined the Trust in November 2022. She grew up in Central America and Peru, where she graduated as human rights lawyer. Before moving to the UK, Susana worked at the Peruvian Defensoria del Pueblo, conducting research on human rights and providing recommendations to the government to ensure compliance with international commitments.

In the UK she has worked as director of the Latin American Women’s Rights Services on programmes supporting refugee and migrant women’s rights; and head of programmes at Womankind, an organisation working in partnership with women’s rights organisations tackling violence against women, addressing women’s participation and supporting women’s movements. In her more recent role Susana was director of International Programmes at Saferworld, where she oversaw peacebuilding programmes across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Susana brings a wide range of experience in the legal/policy, advocacy, development, human rights, peacebuilding and grant-making sectors, and is extremely committed to anti-racist practices, decolonise aid and philanthropy, and shifting power initiatives.