JRCT's funding for Stop Funding Hate

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JRCT's funding for Stop Funding Hate

19 June 2021

JRCT's funding for Stop Funding Hate

At JRCT, we advance our charitable purposes by supporting people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice - from grassroots community groups to well-established charities working to build a peaceful and just world. 

 JRCT provided a restricted grant to Stop Funding Hate for a project to encourage responsible media through an ethical advertising code, encouraging organisations to be accountable for inadvertently funding any news content which is harmful to vulnerable groups of people. The funding for this work was ringfenced – we do not fund other aspects of Stop Funding Hate's work.

The project has been successful and has contributed to the development of the Conscious Advertising Network; an entirely voluntary coalition of over 70 organisations.

This work furthers our charitable purposes as the purpose of the project is consistent with ‘the promotion of ethical standards of conduct and compliance with the law in the public and private sectors’ (listed under charitable purposes 15 on the Charity Commission website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/charitable-purposes/charitable-purposes).

We take great care with our grant-making and we carry out detailed due diligence and monitoring.