Quakers are members of a religious movement, also known as the Religious Society of Friends, which was started in England over 350 years ago by George Fox.

Quakers believe in a creative, loving power in all people and in the world around, which many would call God. People describe this power, and God, in very many different ways, and each Quaker will have their own experience and knowledge of God, while acknowledging and respecting other people’s very different convictions.

We know that every person is unique and that all human beings are, and should be treated as, equals. It is part of our purpose as Quakers to recognise something of God in everyone.

In pursuit of our vision of human wholeness, Quakers become involved in not only personal, but also social and political action. This has led Quakers to work for peace and reconciliation between people, both at an individual level and between opposing groups and nations.

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