Changes to the JRCT team as Imran Tyabji and Jackie Turpin step down

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Changes to the JRCT team as Imran Tyabji and Jackie Turpin step down

3 February 2020

Changes to the JRCT team as Imran Tyabji and Jackie Turpin step down

WITH a combined service of over 30 years, two key members of the JRCT team have decided to move on from the Trust. 

Jackie Turpin, JRCT's head of finance, has announced her resignation after more than 17 years service and Imran Tyabji has retired after serving as a trustee for 14 years.    

Jackie, who will leave the Trust in April, has decided to embrace new opportunities outside the organisation, which include plans to write a book.

Celia McKeon, chief executive at JRCT, said: "Jackie has been an exceptional custodian of the Trust’s finances throughout her time at JRCT. In particular, she has worked with the Trust’s board and its Investment Committee to craft and implement our responsible investment strategy, which led to JRCT being recognised in September 2019 as one of 49 global leaders by the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment. She has continuously sought out and identified new ways to strengthen our investment practice in line with the Trust’s mission and values.

"Jackie has also been a highly valued member of our senior management team, as well as a supportive and friendly colleague. She will be hugely missed."

Trustees marked Imran's last board meeting in November with a party. 

Speaking at the gathering, trustee Linda Batten said: "When I think of you, Imran, I think of you being extrovert, exhuberant, enthusiastic, of you thinking outside the box and being full of stories. 

"We will miss you very much and I am so glad we have worked alongside each other so closely since I started sitting in in 2012. Go well into this new phase of your life, carry on learning, and continue to challenge and enthuse those around you as you have challenged and enthused us."

Becoming a Quaker in his mid-forties, Imran had served on JRCT's Investment Committee and Peace Committee since becoming a trustee in 2005.

He also served on the Racial Justice, Power and Responsibility and Sustainable Future Committees as well as the Quaker Concerns Group. 

Meanwhile, Tim Jones joined the staff team at JRCT in November. Tim is the Grants Officer for the Northern Ireland programme. He previously worked in a grant-making capacity for Seedbed Trust across the north of England, and he holds an MA in social research.