Grassroots Movements Fund paused to process 300 requests

We are grateful to have received over 300 requests for eligibility calls for the Grassroots Movements Fund.

This is an incredible response as we will only be funding 10-12 groups with the £500,000 available in this pilot funding round.

As this phase of the process was designed to respect the time and limited capacity of groups wishing to apply, we have decided to pause taking any more eligibility call requests, closing the programme to new applications.

This will allow us to ensure that applicants receive the best support and accompaniment from our programmes team with the time and resources we have for this area of work.

The movements team, Elena Blackmore, Mumbi Nkonde and Sophie Pritchard, said: “We are grateful to everyone who has engaged with the fund so far, and we will be open for another funding round this year, having learnt from this current process. Crucially, we will continue to make the case for resourcing grassroots movement, as the need is so evident.”

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