JRCT is a responsive grant-making Quaker trust.

We focus on creating dialogue to support change towards a better world. Programme managers and grants officers have responsibility for each grants programme and work closely with a committee made up of several trustees, together with co-opted members with expertise in the field, who are appointed by the Trust.

All applications and enquiries should be made directly to the Trust, not to individual committee members or trustees.

Once an application for funds has been submitted, we may ask for further information, seek confidential external advice or arrange to meet with applicants on their home ground. If a meeting is arranged, all the people who visit will have read the application in advance and will use the meeting to find out more about the applicants, their work and the project for which they are applying for funds. These are all ways of learning more about the proposal, but they do not guarantee that a grant will be made.

Grant making committees at JRCT can approve grants of up to and including £180,000. Higher risk grants regardless of size, and larger or more unusual grants are considered at full board meetings.