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COVID-19: New support available for grantees 

In response to the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, we are making emergency funding and grant extensions available to grant-holders. 

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COVID-19: A message of support for those we fund

We want to reassure those we fund during this challenging time.

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Trust appoints five new committee members

Their expertise will help guide grant-making.

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 JRCT named as global leader in responsible investment  

JRCT has been included in the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment Leaders' Group.

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Our newsletter

Including all the latest news and grant-making at JRCT.

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Significant increase in grant spending 

We are pleased to announce plans to significantly increase our grant spending from around £7 million per year, to over £10 million per year, for the next ten years.

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JRCT backs initiative to help people access justice in the UK immigration system

The Justice Together initiative will help people access legal advice and representation. 

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