How JRCT will deal with your application

Applications will receive an automated email confirming receipt.

We aim to be in touch with applicants within six weeks of the application deadline.  Many applications will be refused at this stage, either because they fall outside the Trust's funding priorities, or because they do not make a sufficiently strong case for funding.  All other applications are considered in more detail.  We may ask you for further information, seek confidential external advice or arrange to meet with you.  These are all ways of learning more about the proposal, but they do not guarantee that a grant will be made.  We will let you know the decision in writing, as soon as possible after the Trust meeting. Although the success rate varies, typically one in five of all applications is successful.

We want the application process to be straightforward and try to ensure that information on our funding priorities is accurate. However, applicants should be aware that within the Trust deed and Charity law, Trustees have very wide discretion in how they choose to manage and distribute the Trust’s funds.

We aim to deal with all applications in a friendly and efficient way. If we fall short of these aims, please let us know. When refusing applications, the Trust will give feedback on the reasons for the decision wherever possible.

The Trust welcomes comments or feedback from applicants that will help us improve our grant-making process, but we do not encourage correspondence on the fairness or otherwise of particular funding decisions.

Funding offer

We will write to you, stating the size, duration and purpose of the grant offer. This may not be exactly the same as your request. All grants are offered subject to our standard conditions. You can see a copy of these conditions in Grantee information section of the website. Any additional special conditions of the grant will be stated in the grant offer letter.

With the letter will be an acceptance form and other paperwork to be signed and returned.  Once the forms have been returned, the relevant grants officer will discuss the schedule of payments for the grant.  This is normally quarterly, in advance, by electronic transfer.


If the Trust refuses an application, we would not normally consider a further application from the same organisation for at least a year. If you are considering applying again, whether for similar or unrelated work, please check with the relevant grants officer first.