Coronavirus: Organisational support for grantees

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Coronavirus: Organisational support for grantees

30 March 2020

Coronavirus: Organisational support for grantees


The purpose of the fund is to support existing grantees to ‘keep the lights on’ or otherwise adapt your work to the changed context arising from covid-19. Specifically, the intention is to assist with the costs associated with transitions to remote and online working, including costs of computer equipment, digital infrastructure, development of online content, or services for staff and volunteer wellbeing.



The Trust can make small grants of up to £1,000 to groups meeting the following criteria:

• You must be a current JRCT grantee, with a grant for which the final payment is no earlier than July 2020

• You must have an annual organisational income of no more than £500,000, or free reserves of no more than £100,000 in your most recent financial year

• Any monies spent from this fund must be in line with the charitable purposes for which your grant has been offered


What you can use the funds for:

• Purchase of computer and/or related office equipment required to meet the challenges of remote-working

• Purchase of IT equipment and digital services intended to facilitate remote or online working, such as online subscriptions

• Costs of developing online content related to the purpose for which your JRCT grant was awarded

• Digital infrastructure costs for peer support networks

• Costs of counselling services to support staff or volunteers in managing the challenges of the new environment

• Other unexpected costs associated with maintaining organisational activity being supported by JRCT funding The funds could be used for upcoming purchases or costs, or for the reimbursement of purchases or costs arising since February 2020 associated with the challenges of coronavirus.


How to apply

To apply for funds, grantees should get in touch with their designated JRCT contact person, and request an application form. This is template word document of one page which requires the following information:

• Name of organisation and key contact

• Purpose of the existing grant from JRCT (core costs, project, etc)

• Confirmation of organisational income and reserves

• Amount requested

• What the funds would be used for

• Simple budget if the request is for more than one item



Our aim is to make a decision within approximately one week of receiving your application. Please do bear with us if for any reason it takes longer than this, as we are also in the process of adapting our operations and managing the current grant round. We will let you know as soon as we can. Reporting recipients will be asked to report on the expenditure and use of funds as part of your next scheduled narrative and financial report to the Trust.