JRCT is a responsive grant-making trust. Trustees have agreed on the following priority areas and welcome applications for funds under each of these headings.

Funding root causes

While trustees are open to funding a range of different organisations and approaches, the Trust generally funds work that is about addressing the root causes of problems rather than delivering services or alleviating immediate needs. We recognise that change can take many years to achieve. We are willing to take the long view, and to take risks.

Next steps

If you are considering making an application, please read the grant programme information carefully, note our general exclusions, our application deadline dates and then follow the instructions in the Application process section. If you are making a cross-cutting application, you will be able to select 'cross-cutting' when submitting your application and you will be asked to explain the relevance of the planned work to two or more programmes. Please note that there is a specific deadline for cross-cutting applications.

You can see examples of work that we have recently funded and a database of recent grants in the Our grantees section.