1. Narrative proposal

1. Narrative proposal

Put into writing what you want to do, and how you will do it.

There is no form for this, but please set out your proposal on no more than four sides of A4, typed in font no smaller than 12 point.

Please tell us what you want to do - not what you think we want to hear. Describe your proposal in whatever way you think is most helpful.

The questions below may act as a useful prompt, but they do not need to be followed rigidly.

Who are you?

In no more than a few sentences, set out who you are. Organisations might include founding date, size, legal status and primary activities. Individuals might mention current employment position and relevant interests or voluntary positions.

What do you want to do?

The main part of the application will detail the work you want us to fund. This may be the core work of the organisation, or a particular project.

i. What and how?

What work do you want to do? How does it fit within JRCT's priorities? What charitable purposes will your work promote? It is important to give a clear sense of the goals and the process. What are you hoping to achieve? What will you actually be doing? What is the timescale? Is the work new, or a development, expansion or continuation of existing work?

ii. Why?

What led you to want to do this work? Why is this work particularly needed at this time? How does it fit in with the rest of the organisation’s work? How does it relate to other work that is being done in the field? Why are you passionate about it?

iii. Who?

Who will do the work? This might be you, existing staff in the organisation or a new recruit. What skills, experience, knowledge and networks will they need? Are these already in place and, if not, what training will be required? Who will be providing line-management, supervision and/or support? Who is ultimately responsible for the work?

iv. Impact?

How will the work be documented and evaluated? How will you share the lessons learnt from your work with others? What difference will the work make?

v. Risk

Are there any significant risks associated with the proposed work? If there are, please explain these briefly and indicate how you plan to manage them. Please use an appendix to provide more detail if necessary.